Integrating the Iframe

The following pages and instructions explain how to seamlessly integrate your iframe into your website.

When your iframe is implemented and integrated correctly it will generate pages with addressable URLs for the:

  • Schedule Page
  • Events Page
  • Pricing/Buy Page
  • Payment Page
  • Login and Sign Up Pages
  • My Account Page
  • Instructor (Profiles) Page
  • And pages for your Gift Cards, Password Reminder and Reset Password

Fast Installation

When your business can’t afford to wait several weeks or months to get your studio integrated, zingfit can provide the iframe solution that is right for you in a matter of days. With a simple embed code, you are able to drop the zingfit iframe into your existing CMS or website and you’ll be off and running.


General Styles & Templates

Utilize pre-built styles that are baked into the zingfit system. No coding or expertise required! Our easy to use interface allows you to navigate and modify your iframe to reflect your brand in just minutes! Explore the general styles offered by the platform before moving on to the more advanced development styles.

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Advanced Development

Ready to customize your brand? Look no further; the zingfit platform offers an in-depth and comprehensive ability to fully style & modify the design of your iframe in order to match and seamlessly integrate your new iframe installation into your website.

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